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Senator Dawn Marie Addiego

Senator Dawn Addiego

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: ‘This is a great honor’; Allen, Addiego to Introduce Steve Sabol Resolution

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To memorialize one of New Jersey’s most innovative entrepreneurs, Senators Diane Allen and Dawn Marie Addiego (both R-Burlington) are introducing on Monday a resolution honoring NFL Films Pioneer Steve Sabol.

“Steve Sabol inspired the finest cinematic reflection of any sport and left nothing on the field,” Allen said. “His innovative filmmaking documented the intellect, emotion and humanity in America’s most aggressive and popular sport.”

“Steve Sabol’s ingenuity, artistic brilliance and endless commitment to creating history are celebrated across the country and around the world,” Addiego added. “He is a pride of Burlington County whose legacy will surely be continued by NFL Films, with their coverage of this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVII and beyond.”

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Senator Dawn Addiego

Governor Signs Addiego Legislation Protecting Colleges & Universities Working to Combat Hunger from Frivolous Lawsuits Into Law

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Legislation sponsored by Senator Dawn Marie Addiego holding colleges and universities that donate food to charitable organizations harmless from civil liability has been signed into law by Governor Chris Christie.

“Even food that is donated to the needy with the best of intentions can spoil or be contaminated in some way, and the donor very likely would have no idea,” said Addiego (R- Burlington/Atlantic/Camden). “Student groups at colleges and universities are getting more active in combating hunger in their communities as attention is increasingly drawn to the issue. These students and institutions should not have to suffer through a legal drama because, in the process of trying to do good, the beneficiary accidentally became sick. Such cases are accidents not worthy of blame and punitive damages.”

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Senator Dawn Addiego

Statement from Sen. Addiego on Votes Against Minimum Wage Increase Measures

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Senator Dawn Marie Addiego (R-8) issued the following statement regarding her votes against SCR-1 and S-3, measures which would increase New Jersey’s minimum wage and require annual adjustments tied to increases in the Consumer Price Index (CPI):

“It is clear that the large minimum wage increase that Democrats are pushing will make it harder for out of work New Jerseyans to find jobs, and more difficult for struggling small businesses to maintain the employees they already have.

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